The Snug Mental Health Hub Volunteers

Volunteer at The Snug

The Snug, nestled on Greenleaf Rd, warmly embraces residents facing mental health challenges by providing a welcoming space for groups and activities on Wednesdays & Fridays . Our vibrant community thrives with the invaluable support of volunteers who contribute to the seamless operation of The Snug. If you’re interested in volunteering, please reach out to linda.mccairns@crestwf.org.uk

What our volunteers bring

Discover the transformative power of community at The Snug, where our volunteers are dedicated to building connections and supporting minds. From organising dynamic group activities to nurturing digital literacy, our team provides compassionate companionship to isolated and vulnerable adults. Grounded in a positive ethos, we prioritise fostering confidence through creative skill development. Together, we’re cultivating a network of peer support mentors and facilitators, building connections and supporting minds every step of the way

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