Time to Talk hub

Time to Change hub

Waltham Forest Time to Change hub was set up in April 2018 to challenge the stigma and discrimination that exists within mental health.

Although the national Time to Change programme ended in November 2021, the Waltham Forest hub has continued to drive the campaign forward through a range of events and activities that have taken place both in the community and on-line and included the recruitment of people as “Champions”.

Time to Change hub

Events have included

  • A Living Library where members of the public could borrow a human book to learn more about mental health
  • A photographic exhibition entitled “Who are 1 in 4”. This showed positive and negative images of Champions as a way of demonstrating that people are so much more than a psychiatric diagnosis
  • On line events including the use of puppets to talk about mental health
  • Hip hop dance classes as a means to express feelings of sadness
  • Laughter yoga that allows people to get in touch with the inner child
  • Wired – a collection of artistic interpretations using analogies to describe mental illness.

The events were all delivered by someone with a lived experience of mental illness. By talking about this experience through whatever medium they chose, there have been opportunities for individuals to break down the barriers and stigmatising attitudes surrounding mental illness.

Time to Change hub

What we do

Free training is offered to anyone wanting to tell their story in a safe way by offering two separate sessions that cover “Speaking Out”. A further training session entitled “Challenging Stigma and Discrimination” is also available to those who want to find ways that enable this to happen. In addition, once registered as a “Champion” there is the opportunity to apply for funding (up to £500) to host an event/workshop/session. Help is available to both host this and to apply for funds.

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Get involved

If you would like to get involved, contact or visit the Waltham Forest Time to Change website.

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