What Aids your Mental Well-being?

ipod cat

During October local artist, Kate Pennington, invited users of Harmony Hall to write on a huge flower what helped maintain their mental well-being. Here are some of their answers:

• Putting my i-pod on shuffle at full blast
• Double stop scales in 6 moths – mmm!
• Playing the piano
• Exercise helps because it clears your mind
• Walking and being active helps my state of mind
• Learning new things – doing courses
• Meeting new people
• Praying and being with other worshippers
• Socialising – meeting people

eating well
• Eating well – fresh food with a few treats (in moderation)
• Volunteering and being outdoors
• A walk around Connaught Waters
• Being wanted/appreciated
• Being me
• New things
• Fellowship with God
• Gardening
• Walking and being out in nature – in the grass and the trees and by water
• In a busy time, to be stress free and not worry at all
• Long walks to better concentration

• Writing poetry and being creative
• Strumming my guitar – yeah!
• Peace in the world
• Painting!
• Meeting lots of nice people!
• Going out with friends and laughing
• At the end of the day noting three things that have gone well
• If I can’t sleep, think of 6 things I am grateful for. This helps me sleep.
• Eating is good
• Planning and making time to catch up
• If distressed, imagining my brain just ticks over helps

What about you?  What helps your mental well-being?

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