The End of an Era.

Truro Road office

The very last picture of CREST’s central Walthamstow office — its home since 1992. It’s just a space — any space. But this particular space has witnessed many events over the last 24 years. Among other things:

* the publication of the first-ever Directory of Churches and Church Life in Waltham  Forest
* the development of three afterschool and holiday childcare centres across the borough and their eventually becoming self-running
* the birth (and eventual demise) of the Waltham Forest Mental Health Befriending Service
* the undertaking of Truro Road Community Centre and its eventual transformation in to Harmony Hall
* the birth (and eventual demise) of the Sunshine Club, an out-of-hours mental health drop-in
* the birth, transformation and eventual demise of Evolve — firstly a community bridge building service for people with mild to moderate mental health problems, and latterly a navigators service for people with significant and enduring mental health problems
* the birth of the Waltham Forest Community Credit Union — the developmental staff charged with its establishment and registration with the Financial Services Agency were housed here
* the establishment of the CREST Charity Shop
* the transformation of CREST’s Social and Discussion Groups in to a thriving Day Opportunities Service offering sixty places a week to people experiencing disability and/or dementia
* the undertaking of thinkarts! with its range of exhibitions, workshops, creative writing opportunities for people experiencing mental health problems
* the opening of the Foyer Art Gallery in Harmony Hall
* CREST being chosen by local residents to be the local trusted organisation for both the St James’ Street and William Morris Big Local lottery regeneration schemes
* and last but not least, the establishment of the Harmony Health Hub, supporting the development of voluntary sector mental health services in the borough

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