World Mental Health Day 2015, Apple Day and Green Poppies

World Mental Health Day is traditionally celebrated on 10th October each year. It is an annual global celebration of mental health education, awareness and advocacy.  This year thinkarts! took part in Waltham Forest’s World Mental Health Day event which joined forces with an Walthamstow’s Apple Day event held at Vestry House museum which happens each year in October. Apples are a key part of Walthamstow’s heritage because of the orchards that used to be prevalent in the area.  At Apple Day there were opportunities to do Apple Bobbing, pressing, tasting and drinking! It was aimed at a family audience and as a result lots of people came to also visit our thinkarts! stall.


Work was displayed which was created by thinkarts! members around this year’s theme Dignity designated by the Mental Health Foundation.  People were asked to think about what Dignity meant to them and what made them feel a good sense of Dignity.

1 In 4 people struggle with a mental health problem.  Combining the theme of mental health and Apple Day we asked the public to tell us their thoughts on mental health on coloured paper apples provided.  Each apple was individually cut, showing the uniqueness of each apple.   There were also other activities to take part in such as mindfulness colouring for both children and adults.


In addition, local social enterprise Significant Seams were commissioned by the local authority to deliver a project based around the commemoration of World War 1.  As a result they thought about creating different coloured poppies to commemorate different things associated with the war.  One of the associations which perhaps go less noticed is that of how many people were affected mentally by taking part in such a war.

Therefore this year, working towards World Mental Health Day, they met various groups and prompted them to create Green Poppies. The green colour of the Poppy is representative of mental health awareness. Harmony Health Hub knitting group were one of the groups that got to take part in a Poppy making workshop. They have since gone on to continue to knit various different items as well as to meet regularly.

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