thinkarts! are in your Back Yard!


For one night only, from 7pm on Friday 27th January 2017, Back Yard Comedy Club are offering 50% of their income on a professional comedy night to go exclusively to thinkarts!  A one-off, not-to-be-missed, laugh-a-minute night.  And all for just £5 for the night.

Back Yard is situated a two-minute walk away from Bethnal Green tube and overground stations at 231 Cambridge Heath Road.  It opened back in 1998, becoming one of the major comedy clubs in the capital with an esteemed reputation for great laughs and good value.

Back Yard has a vibrant, friendly atmosphere, so if you are at a loose end, fancy a drink, a nibble and some fun games, while helping thinkarts! pop down for a visit.

Come prepared to belly laugh the night away.  They serve great homemade pizzas as well and tasty beverages to tickle yer gullet.

Laughter is the best medicine or so they say … come alone or bring a friend, the more the merrier.

But in order to ensure you benefit thinkarts!, you must make sure you book via the following link —



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