Return to Verona

Paolo pic
Back in 2013, thinkarts! staged its “New Dawn” competition and exhibition at Southbank’s historic Southwark Cathedral. In this, thinkarts! members were challenged to make their own visual interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s timeless story of the star-crossed lovers Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet set against the beautiful backdrop of the Italian city Verona.

Today in November 2015, thinkarts! returns once more to Verona as volunteer Paolo Lenotti flies off to his home town in order to take part in the world-famous Verona Marathon on Sunday 15th November.

thinkarts! works with people across north-east London living with mental health problems who use art as part of their path to recovery. It runs on a shoestring budget on a project by project basis. 2015 has seen it already engaged on a number of “Walking to Wellness” and “Going Places” walks incentivising members to produce artistic work following visits to galleries and other places of interest. In July it held its second major month-long exhibition at Southwark Cathedral, viewed by many on the subject of “Poppies” – once more challenging members to consider their own mental health journey in light of the themes of hope, reflection and remembrance. But thinkarts! reserves are running thin and it needs more in order to continue and expand its work.

Please consider supporting Paolo and thinkarts! by donating via his Justgiving page at:


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