Star Quality Just Days Away Now!

It’s only a few days away now from Starlighters’ autumn show which will be performed at Harmony Hall — it’s Noel Coward’s classic play called STAR QUALITY.

“In 1940’s England, a young playwright is getting his first play produced by an important director. But the director wants to get a temperamental actress for the lead. And when Lorraine Barry arrives at the first reading, the battle is begun between director and star, with the poor playwright caught in the middle and fireworks fly.”

This is Coward’s last play, derived from his own 1951 short story, which is intended as an affectionate satire on the power games of post-war commercial theatre.

Performance dates are Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October 2015 and the start time is 7.30pm. Tickets available from 020 8923 5416 (also direct from Harmony Hall). Prices — adults £10, seniors £8, under 16s £5SQ (final JPEG)

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