Shop Refurb Begins in Earnest

With little money but oodles of enthusiasm, CREST has finally begun the process of improving the appearance of its Charity Shop at 55 Walthamstow High Street.  Although CREST has been there since the 1990s, there has never been enough in the kitty to undertake the sort of major refurbishments that the major High Street charities are able to finance.

Fuelled by the knowledge that we have finally reached the point that something now has to change and, buoyed up by the energy and enthusiasm of its amazing volunteers, changes have now started to take place.  To begin with the body of the shop has been completely repainted white.  This was done one Sunday mainly by young volunteers working under the Network Challenge volunteering programme.  What they started was then finished off last weekend.  Next, the decades old red carpet was removed last Saturday night revealing largely the old floor tiles dating back to a bygone era when the shop was once a shoe shop.  The next stage is to bring in a commercial cleaner to return these to the best condition possible and then evaluate whether or not to leave it like that (cheapest option) or bring in completely new flooring (bit more expensive).

Only time will tell.  Anyway — to all our faithful customers, please bear with us — we are doing our best and really really really appreciate all those amazing donations that continue to pour in through our front door each day.

Just continue to watch this space.

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