St James Street Becomes Finalist in Street Art Festival

St James Street has become a finalist in a grant for a Street Art Festival by Londonist for Spring 2015.  It follows on from the Mural on the Marsh (pictured below) which was worked on with twelve artists, local and international. The theme for the murals in St James Street is ‘International’ which will celebrate the diversity of the area and engage communities which, until now, have been tough to reach out to. If the bid is successful, it will involve identifying shop shutters and walls from local businesses and residents around the area to create permanent murals in the same way that the Mural on the Marsh was delivered.

This helps raise the profile as an area with a distinctive diverse character and dovetails with the Big Local’s longer term strategy of increasing investment for improvements to the area in the next decade.

Follow this link to vote for St James Street to win the street art grant if you’d like to see beautiful and colourful murals along the shop fronts on Walthamstow High Street and the St James area