Crest Waltham Forest – Independent Charity

Established in 1971, CREST is an independent charity based in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Its work is overseen by a Management Committee of 14 local people and undertaken by a staff team of eleven people. This Committee meets monthly and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and policy of CREST. Members are from a variety of professional and business backgrounds that add value to the work of CREST.

CREST’s objective is to act as an independent charity seeking to respond to the needs of people in north-east London by providing services commensurate with the needs of groups and individuals. In pursuance of these objects, social and pastoral work continues to serve the more vulnerable sections of the community, particularly older people with disabilities and those experiencing mental health problems. Volunteers┬áhave been pivotal in the growth of CREST and continue to play a key role in its work to this day — without them much of what is achieved would not have been possible.