Who We Are

Reference and Administrative Details — Registered Company number 04137315 (England and Wales); Registered Charity Number — 1103333


Chair:  Maureen Dods

Company Secretary:  Maureen Dods

Treasurer:   Position vacant

Ordinary members:  Amanda Burke, Robert Hayward, Maggie Houlihan, Sally Johnson, Mohammed Quereshi, Lloyd Lewzey, J J O’Connor, Linda Sansum and Annajulia Santoro


Central Administration — Manager:  Alan Horne, BA, MSc (Econ);  Book-keeper:  Phillip Parr, BA (Hons), AATQB

CREST Club — Team Leader:  Shopna Ali;  Administrator:  Paula Lesurf; Dementia Support Worker:  Brian Lynch; Disability Support Workers:  Tina Bampton and Maureen Milton ;  Cook:  position vacant

Harmony Hall — Manager:  Joss Southcombe

thinkarts! — Consultant: Neesha Badhan